Journal of a New York City Psychic

Ahhhh! Another day I am alive! As usual, I woke up with my cat asking me to pet her until I got up. I'm so incredibly grateful to have her. She is the reason I'm living today and the reason I'm thankful to be living today. There was a time last winter when I virtually had nobody, and life was super hard. I had no money, thought I might be homeless soon, and had no family or friends, But I always had my cat. I want to know who loves who more. When I go away, she refuses to eat; she's so sad. And they say that cats don't love people!

Yesterday was everything I wanted it to be for over a year. We found Merlin's Lake! That's not the real name, but that's what I'll call it. What's wild is two days before that, I found crystals on the ground at which is Lake. So close to my house that I was so thrilled. Then two days later, I found Merlin's Lake! I've been trying to find Merlin's Lake for over a year. And no coincidence, it was happening on the full moon lunar eclipse. 

My friend that came along did not disappoint. It was a challenging, dangerous hike to get there. For reasons I won't share here, it was also a threatening hike on the way back but not because of nature. We were not in danger because we kept things safe, but it was incredible! You could tell, but they were sacred places. My friend said of the first pool we came across, “This is probably Merlin’s Lake, don’t you think?” I replied, “I'm not so sure. There are two other locations we want to check out. This spot could be it, but I want to see the others.” So I take off my shoes and scramble up the stream only to find what is undoubtedly – Merlin's Lake!

There is nothing on the internet, oh, nothing, that shows you the location of Merlin's Lake that even talks about Merlin's being a real thing. As far as I can tell, no one's actually been there! Yet there's a whole forest named Merlin's Lake! Last summer, over a year ago, I went bushwhacking with a friend to try to find Merlin's Lake, and we got very close. It was an all-day hike traversing steep rocky terrain and bushwhacking. And we didn't get to go, and you further one because it was late and we kept hearing gunshots. Well, this time, we didn't hear any gunshots, but that doesn't mean we weren't close to them!

It was so much fun! Not only that, but we found a gigantic damn in the woods that nobody knows about. We were trying to get out of the gully and thought we would have to climb out. But then we spotted a gigantic ladder! And I'm telling this, I feel like I'm telling a fairytale, but I'm not. It's real life. Neither of us saw the ladder and was sure it was safe. But we checked it out, and it was safe! Well, water is three stories high. Who knows how long it's been there for a very, very old metal ladder, and that's what super salad nobody knows about. We used it. It was awesome. I don't know anyone as well versed in hiking, especially off-trail, as my friend. Not only that, but he is an expert in sacred sites in nature—what a fantastic fit and a fantastic adventure we had together. 

I'm also astounded that I got to take a full moon lunar eclipse path bathed in the moonlight! Don't ask me how I did that. Let's say I have my ways. It was phenomenal. My life is magical with all the synchronicities and my trusting my intuition to unbelievable degrees that I haven't heard anyone else experiencing. But I have rarely been the type of person with all these magical things or ceremonies on the whole and new moon. And to be honest, it's something that I wish I had more consciousness around as in so it's a full moon time to celebrate. It wasn't up until about 18 months ago that I had the months in order. Everything is shifting due to my healing, including ridding myself of all toxic relationships. And this only increases my life's synchronicity, magic, inspiration, and sacred time. So although I'm deeply grateful for this full moon bath in the Moonlight, I'm also not surprised. This stuff will only increase as I become more healed, sharper, and more trusting in myself and my intuition. After all, I am an award-winning New York City Psychic!

So my hiking shoes got dirty yesterday, and I had to soak them when I got home. They are still pretty stopping right now, and it's funny because it takes a lot of restraint from me to see a sunny day out there and know that I can just go Crystal Gathering by taking the 3 Mile bike ride, but I know I have to do work today. Hahaha! So I will probably wait a few days until my hiking shoes dry for me to go out again crystal gathering. In the meantime, it's supposed to rain for a few days, so I can get some solid work done.

I also spoke to my super awesome Neighbors, who are excited to keep tabs on me when I go hiking alone. I'll just text him and say hey, I'm going to this place, share my Google location, tell them when I'll be back, and text them when I'm back. They're happy to help, and it's safer that way. When I spoke to them yesterday, I also told them that I was possibly in the market for the type of car they have and would like to talk to them about it. And when they got back to me, they said oh, we would be happy to show you around, and we are selling our car. “If you're in the market for a used car, maybe we could sell it to you.” Well, I heard they're not even making this type of car anymore, so I will get it used. I've been using this affirmation for quite a while. “Everything I need Arises from my world with ease.” Boy, oh boy, is that working, and I'm thrilled that it is well first before I buy a used car or otherwise I got to sell my bus. Time to say goodbye to school life, say hello to domestic life. And I am so grateful. 




We Found Merlin's Lake

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