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Betsy LeFae named New York City
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Celebrating 15 Years As The Best New York Psychic!

NYC's Best Psychic Medium Betsy LeFae draws on two decades of experience as a Social Worker in New York City, background in Psychology, Award-Winning Psychic Medium, and Empath to offer guidance and support.

Betsy LeFae's unique background in Psychology, Social Work, and Spirituality help to equip you with the inner knowledge and skills needed to continually seek and find your own clarity and empowerment in life—without returning to another psychic medium.

Psychic Medium Readings

As a highly sensitive human and psychic medium, it is an honor to use my gifts each and every day. I support you in connecting with the powerful guidance and love available to you- from cherished loved ones who have passed to helping you develop your own intuitive abilities.
I offer grounded, compassionate and detailed one on one psychic medium readings.

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Founder, "The Numinous”

“Not only are Betsy’s readings accurate and always delivered with love and practical advice, but working with her I've also become more aware and trusting of my own intuitive voice. Having led workshops with Betsy I’ve also watched her  explain her work in a way that makes it super easy for people to understand, and seen people light up under her loving guidance.”


— Ruby Warrington

“Despite my low-grade anxiety, as soon as I saw Betsy’s smiling face, I knew everything was going to be absolutely fine. What occurred was a truly supernatural experience beyond my wildest dreams!”


— Gala Darling

“Unbelievably grateful for booking a reading with Betsy. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Not only did she pick up on what I later confirmed to be a gluten allergy before I even said anything, but she was also able to tap into and understand exactly what my situation was and provide helpful insight.”


— Bess Smith

yoga and meditation teacher

“Everything you’d want and more. Finally… an incredibly talented, on-the-mark psychic who is a refreshing, down-to-earth straight shooter. Betsy is no-nonsense, practical and gives you actionable steps to apply her insights to your life. Her vision is crystal clear and she points you back on track with a firm, but loving nudge. Luckily, she’s on my ‘A Team’of inner circle wisdom keepers and advisors.”


— Ashley Turner

— abbey m.

“Betsy was really amazingly on point in so many ways! This was the most eye-opening psychic reading I've ever received. There is a family mystery she talked about (from 100 yrs ago) that she brought up that included details not even my closest relatives are privy to. She also gave me life-changing tools (meditation, visualization, etc). This was no ordinary reading.”


— Kelsea Woods

“From the moment we first connected on the phone, Betsy’s light and vibrant energy brought me into such a safe and open place to receive. In our session, Betsy was able to tap into my energy and connect to my higher self providing such validation and tools as to how to move forward. Her ease in taking time to explain and make sure her messages resonated was amazing. All through each step of the reading and beyond. Betsy made sure I had the tools to understand and take action to make changes in my own life. Vastly empowering, I would recommend a session with Betsy to anyone!”


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