"My hour with Betsy was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I think she provided more guidance than prediction, and most importantly for me, gave me action items and tools to get more in touch with my higher self and to just feel better on a day to day basis. She channeled my loved ones in a way that was comforting to me and enlisted them to help me down this path as well. I really recommend Betsy to everyone - she provided valuable insight and knowledge into my life in a way that I couldn't on my own. Well worth it."

- Hayley Brooks

"I met with Betsy about three months ago and had a wonderful experience. I guess the reason I delayed my review was to see how some of her predictions played out, and so far everything she said has been very accurate! Like many, this was my first psychic reading and although I tried to be open minded going into the session, I can't deny I was a little skeptical/nervous. However, within the first 2 minutes I was confident Betsy was the real deal and I was totally at ease! She did an amazing job of helping me relax and get over my nervousness, and we had a very productive session. I left our reading feeling energized, and was excited to start taking action to create/maintain a positive life for myself. Thank you, Betsy. You gave me the confidence to trust and strengthen my own intuition, and gave me some great tools to use going forward. I'm excited to see how things unfold over the next 12 months!"

- Laura Ellis

"I came across Betsy's information somewhat randomly online exactly one year ago and booked a reading with her, because at that point I figured, "What the heck-at this point it can't hurt to try". I have always been a little wary of psychics and potential scams. Looking back, I can honestly say that I am so unbelievably grateful for booking a reading with Betsy. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life to date. Not only did she pick up on what I later confirmed to be a gluten allergy before I even said anything, but she was also able to tap into and understand exactly what my situation was and provide helpful insight.

One of the questions I asked Betsy was, "what do I need to know about my romantic life?" I was single girl in NYC struggling to meet the right kind of guys. I was dumbfounded when she went on to tell me that my masculine/feminine energies were out of balance (she was not the first person to tell me that) so I was attracting somewhat effeminate men (true!) and that in a past life I died in childbirth. In my deepest subconscious I thought that if I attracted a man I would get pregnant and die. She gave me an exercise that involved visualizations to do on my own that would help me confront and move past that. To be honest, I put it off for a while because I thought it sounded a little weird. I eventually did do it, and it was so incredibly powerful. Not only did I realize that she was right, but I saw and felt things that I never had before and my entire life shifted. I realized that I used to ask pregnant people that were practically strangers if they were scared of giving birth (not normal!), and I would black out at doctor's offices at the thought of losing blood even though I had never had a traumatic experience. Needless to say- I don't anymore.

One of the things that I love about Betsy, other than the fact that she is truly gifted and operates with the highest integrity to ensure the highest good for all parties involved, but she empowers the people she reads for with tools and information to help them on their path. I have been introduced to the most amazing knowledge, people, and coursework through Betsy. Having a reading with her really was life-changing. I went on to take her intuitive development course which I could go on and on about as well. I got engaged to the most wonderful man a couple months after working with Betsy. I truly believe that she played a huge role in that, so much so that I plan on asking her to be the one to marry us.

Subsequently, Betsy has read for dozens of my friends, and everyone has been astounded by the accuracy of her readings. I would say to anyone who is even remotely on the fence or curious about working with Betsy- to just do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain-it might just change your life in the neatest and most unexpected ways."

- Bess Smith

"At a massive transition point in my life, I decided to book a reading with Betsy having intuitively felt that she would be a good fit for my search for guidance. I could not have been more right! From the moment we first connected on the phone, Betsy’s light and vibrant energy brought me into such a safe and open place to receive.
In our session, Betsy was able to tap into my energy and connect to my higher self providing such validation and tools as to how to move forward. Her ease in taking time to explain and make sure her messages resonated was amazing.
All through each step of the reading and beyond. Betsy made sure I had the tools to understand and take action to make changes in my own life. Vastly empowering, I would recommend a session with Betsy to any one!"

- Kelsea Woods

"I can't recommend Betsy highly enough. I came to her through a friend and am so very grateful for the experience. Betsy made me feel comfortable immediately and was right on in terms of illuminating things about myself as well as ways in which others are affecting me. She gave me incredible insight into my family which has lifted a weight that I can't describe. Betsy sent me off in such a wonderful way - armed with resources and practices that would help me in my journey. I've been going down her list and am so very grateful for her guidance. I'll be back and I have been telling everyone I know to go see her asap!"

- Anna D'Agrosa

"I have been to both a seance and a 1 on 1 reading with Betsy. Both were wonderful life-affirming experiences. I was pregnant with my first child when I attended the seance. I feel like Betsy tuned into exactly what I was feeling very deep down, and helped me access emotions and knowledge that I feel truly made my pregnancy and birth great experiences. I had a 1-1 reading about 6 weeks after I gave birth. I needed guidance about how to navigate all the new feelings, responsibilities, and wanted to get in touch with family members who I trusted for advice. My grandmother, father and a close family friend were unmistakably present, and told me what I needed to hear. I also received guidance in terms of my career and and my husbands--so specific and so helpful. I left feeling like a huge weight had been lifted, and armed with advice from my nearest and dearest. I can't wait to go back!"

- Jessica Ralli

"My husband and I travelled to New York in March 2014 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I am so glad we found Betsy's info online and made arrangements to each have a reading. For myself it was amazing. She had my personality traits exactly right. She was able to connect with a loved one who has passed on and that meant more to me than I can say as I never got to say goodbye. The identifiers she used were things only I knew. And she said my husband and I would be in business together which was the farthest thing from our minds in March and here we are in June working together on a business! I was totally comfortable with Betsy, she is truly gifted and one of the nicest persons you will ever meet."

- Michelle Kauenhowen

"Betsy is absolutely an amazing human being! I am truly grateful that Betsy took the time to meet with me. She was very accurate with the reading and answered every question that I wanted to know, even more than what I expected. Words can't really describe my experience, but I can say that it helped me with the things I am currently going through and I found the reading very satisfying. I would recommend anyone going to Betsy if you're looking for the right guidance."

- Jayson Paulino

"Before the reading with Betsy I was very nervous. I had random readings done before but I always left and felt so skeptical. So when our reading started I have to admit I wasn't sure what to believe and I kept asking for information that would reassure me. But then Betsy went on and told me about all the things that were a concern in my mind and heart and that I was afraid to admit it out loud. She knew exactly which points I needed her to touch without telling her anything. And she went on to give me guidance. I had asked to speak to my grandfather and Betsy gave me all his messages so well that it brought me to tears. I have made a lot of changes since and I'm still going through them. I listen to my reading many times and I'm really happy I chose Betsy for this. I must say, I can't wait for my next reading."

- Bianca Linta

"I'm really glad I did the reading with Betsy, she was warm, friendly and easy to be around. I really responded to everything she was saying, she touched on so many things I knew inside but it was really positive for me to have someone else confirm these things. I'm definitely going to take on her advice and the exercises she suggested - all felt really relevant to me personally. I feel a lot better after meeting Betsy and even though I have a lot of work to do i feel it is definitely possible for me to get where i need to go now."

- Rachel O'Sullivan

"I first met Betsy at one of the weekly séances she holds in a small group setting, and was not sure what to expect. The reading I had there was really special, as she connected with my grandmother and almost everything she said resonated with me. The real ‘Wow” factor happened when Betsy told me she was tasting potato salad…I laughed and cried at the same time because my grandmother made this for me all the time. About 6 months later I made a booking for a private one-hour reading in Williamsburg and was nervous and excited about what was to follow. Before I get into the actual reading, I would like to mention that Betsy is extremely professional, and at the same time, she is very personable and warm. I never once felt uncomfortable, even though personal things were being talked about. The information sent via email before the reading was very thorough and at the actual reading Betsy explained the procedure. My reading was fantastic, and everything that came up resonated with me. I came to the reading with my questions prepared, and every one of them was answered…the time flew by, and I did very little talking myself. Betsy talked non-stop, which is exactly what you want from this experience! Before the recorder was turned on Betsy asked me something and it was exactly the main issue I had come for. This was before I said boo, before I gave her my questions. I asked for my grandmother to be connected to us, and once again everything that was said was spot on, even down to a phrase my Nan used often. She even mentioned something my husband had repeatedly said to me. Things about my personality were spot on, and I can honestly say that even after listening to the recording again, everything was accurate. I went to the reading in a very low place, due to some major life changes and I left feeling strong enough to be able to deal with everything, and I have consistently been able to utilize the information I was given. I was given some really wonderful tools also, from book suggestions to other professional’s details, and links to Internet resources. I can’t recommend Betsy enough, and this comes from someone who is very skeptical of people who claim to be psychic…she is the real thing."

- Rachael L

"I only scheduled a session with Betsy because my sister wanted one and didn’t want to go alone, but I’m so thankful she insisted that I come along because my hour with Betsy truly made a difference. From the moment I walked in, her positivity was infectious and encouragement continued to flow throughout our time together, which was just what I needed. During our session, she referenced aspects of my personality that I was very aware of, but then took it one step further by explaining how I can use those gifts to become a happier person. She also let me reconnect with loved ones that have passed and I’m endlessly grateful for that opportunity. I walked out encouraged and fulfilled, and there’s nothing more that I could have asked for."

- Perri Nemiroff

"I went to a seance with Betsy and it was a pretty amazing experience. The person she connected with was my grandmother and everything that she said was right on the money. I knew the spirit of my grandmother was there. A few weeks later I received a reading with Betsy. I love how she helps you to analyze everything and also gives you the tools to work on yourself and your future. I loved the whole experience. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

- Ewa Perry

"Feeling I wanted (needed?) a reading from a psychic medium to deal with some issues and get some answers, I did some research and decided to go with Betsy, as she was listed as one of the top ten in New York. I’m glad I did, as her reading was very impressive and accurate, and she was very personable and friendly, too, and puts you at ease quickly. Mixing messages from passed on loved ones, advice from your spirit guides and some personal spiritual counseling, it makes for a good balance between higher powers and good old, down to earth common sense. She was really terrific.

And the more I listen to the recording of our session, the more I get out of it. If I felt I needed another one on one reading, I would definitely go back to her.”

- Joseph Collins

"From the beginning, I could tell that Betsy had a knack for creating a safe and comfortable space to ask questions and delve into the unknown! I am not usually one for readings, but Betsy felt different immediately; not to mention she was joyful and playful the entire time. She also was really accurate. She had said I would be running into some road bumps with my career as I was making a transition; and that’s exactly what happened! It helped me to know that wasn’t going to be the end of it and to persist further, as she relayed that something would eventually break. I remained hopeful and that’s just what happened…I got two wildly perfect offers right after the road bumps. I would recommend her to anyone for her kindness and accuracy!"

- Heather Coleman

"I received a reading at the perfect time from Betsy. I got to speak to my ex-boyfriend who passed away and got the closure I needed and advice from my grandmother. I was super ambiguous about going to graduate school and got my answer. I know it is important to look within, but sometimes external validation and listening to my ancestors chime in feels authentic. I have had many readings in my life and this was by far the most accurate and poignant. I am so grateful for this reading."

- Chelsea Kyle

"I've following Betsy for a couple years, hovering over the button to book a reading several times, but always putting it off. Finally this year I did it because I wanted her to tell me what to do, to make my choices easy, I was at a crossroads. I thought I would be able to get 100% of what she said during that call (listening intently, some things registering and some things not) I forgot at that time about the recording she would send me later. I'm a smart, professional woman. I'd know if she truly got me or not. But long story short - she did. She saw me deeply - the real me (and connected with loved ones who came forward for her) but I didn't quite know how "spot on" she got it until I received her recording a few days later. There was nothing she was wrong about and more importantly, she breathed life into me again, I knew to trust myself because she saw me inside. She actually channeled my dad and significant people in my life (past and present). She even emailed me resources to help me stay on this path. She gives specifics and I needed that. I was in tears after the call, still a bit skeptical, but everything was confirmed with her recording days later. No hesitation in recommending her. She is the real deal and although she is direct, it's in this comforting compassionate way. Exactly what I needed. Thank you Betsy! You are a gift."

- Vanessa Sanddal

"Betsy is a gift to us all. She gave me a reading and at first I didn't get everything as there was so much information forth coming. Now 3 months later I see everything she told so clearly and vividly and reasons for why I was told certain details. I listen to my recording at least once or twice a month and everytime I gain something new. I asked to speak to my sister, mother and grandfather and it brought me to tears. Three of them made me stronger and I felt tremendous love from all of them, it was so comforting knowing I was going forward in my life and not backward.
It's becuase of Betsy I am a better person. I can't wait for my next reading with her. BLESSINGS."

- Karen Bradbury

"Betsy's reading was very telling. She gave me a lot of good insight and followed up with an amazing plan of action. Tons of references, books, meditations and readings to lead me toward a more fulfilling life. Thank you Betsy for your device and your gift."

- Leslie Curran

"Thank you Betsy you know us and my wife we live in Manhattan not too far from you on W. 54th St. you're pretty good You're not one of those bad stereotype psychics. You will say how it is and how it's going to become I highly recommend this reader."

- Kenny Coverucel

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