E44: Leah Pardee on Being Human and the Law of Attraction

April 17, 2023


Today New York City Psychic Betsy LeFae interviews Leah Pardee.

Here is some of what you’ll find in today’s episode:

  1. What happens when you “manifest” something that isn’t in accordance with your highest good
  2. What a Manifestation Mentor does, and how practitioners like Leah help people align their outer circumstances to their inner desires
  3. Leah breaks down the different kinds of breathwork, and why she opts for “Connected Consciousness”
  4. How Leah was able to shed her limiting beliefs (and her unfulfilling job) and achieve happiness and fulfillment beyond her imagination
  5. New York City Psychic, Betsy LeFae, describes the importance of taking responsibility WITHOUT getting bogged down in self-criticism and blame
  6. How to Trust Your INtuition when manifestation seems to go awry
  7. How to avoid getting caught up in the cycle of blame (even though it’s tempting) and accept what is
  8. How to Trust Your INtuition when you take a big leap and don’t see positive results right away
  9. Why manifestation and “running away” don’t mix
  10. How to identify your self-sabotaging patterns and move past them to manifest your dream life!

Leah’s website: www.leahpardee.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsleahpardee

Join Leah’s Heal Breathwork Academy: https://candid-confidence.teachable.com/p/heal-breathwork-academy-certification-course?affcode=866853_0lta7e1c

How to Trust Your Intuition with Betsy LeFae and Leah Pardee

Leah Pardee is a Manifestation Mentor and Breathwork facilitator. She hosts the Bare Naked Soul podcast and is the author of Confessions of an Uncaged Soul, plus two guided journals.

Leah teaches women worldwide to overcome fear and live in alignment so they can manifest their most fully expressed lives.