E43: Martina Fink Pivots Her Way to Success

March 27, 2023


Today New York City Psychic Betsy LeFae interviews Martina Fink.

Here is some of what you’ll find in today’s episode:

  1. How to Trust Your INtuition and stay the course when you hit a “lull”
  2. “Work, sleep, repeat:” How to break free of the exhausting perpetual busy-ness cycle
  3. How to treat yourself kindly when you fall short of your goals
  4. Martina describes how she chose a life of creativity after years in the corporate world
  5. How to start “following joy,” no matter where it leads
  6. New York City Psychic, Betsy LeFae describes how she helps her students break free of “shoulds” and follow their bliss
  7. How to let go of guilt and feel truly deserving of your success
  8. How to recover (and benefit!) from failure
  9. Conned: Martina and Betsy share their personal experiences with charlatan self-help gurus and the lessons learned
  10. How to Trust Your INtuition and determine when an opportunity is too good to be true

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Martina Fink is a certified Holistic Health & Beauty Coach and hosts The Glow Life Podcast. She helps high-achieving professional women and entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm, trust their intuition, and feel great in their bodies, so they can find emotional peace, have a life outside of work that they love, and glow from the inside out.