E42: A Personal Healing with Robert Kendall

March 26, 2023


Today New York City Psychic Betsy LeFae interviews Robert Kendall.

Here is some of what you’ll find in today’s episode:

  1. How and experience at Burning Man in the 90s helped open intuition.
  2. Because he didn’t trust himself, he entered into a community, and after a decade, it took him a year to plan his escape.
  3. How he continues his work supporting women.
  4. Robert apologizes to Betsy for any harm done by the organization he helped co-found.

Robert’s Website:www.RobertKandell.com

unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them:https://robertkandell.com/book/

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If you don’t trust yourself, who will?

Even though I listened to the entire BBC Podcast Series and watched the Netflix documentary, I am glad I didn’t realize who Robert Kendall was until I started interviewing him.

Don’t know who he is? If that’s the case, I invite you to listen to the show and let it unfold for you, as it did for me.