E41: Kelsey Abbott Explains Human Design

March 26, 2023


Today New York City Psychic Betsy LeFae interviews Kelsey Abbott.

Here is some of what you’ll find out in today’s episode:

  1. What is Human Design, and how has it changed Kelsy’s life forever?
  2. Why we both gravitate towards joy and what it means to us.
  3. How Kelsey’s experience with knowing her grandmother died without anyone telling her made her terrified of her intuition.
  4. According to Human Design, what is Kelsey’s “biggest gift,” and how it has built her confidence in her intuition.
  5. Why it is that no one needs to be afraid of their intuition, including knowing ahead of time that someone will die.
  6. When Kelsey struggled because she made a commitment but didn’t listen to her intuition’s message about her own podcast.
  7. How even when you don’t listen or follow your intuition, you still aren’t “getting it wrong.”
  8. A time when Kelsey did follow her intuition, despite logic and the consequences.
  9. The difference between “feelings” and “emotions” in Human Design.
  10. Who has “emotions” and who doesn’t, according to Human Design.
  11. Kelsey reads Betsy’s chart.
  12. Does Betsy have her own emotions?
  13. What having an “open throat” means in Human Design.
  14. What does being a “fabulist” mean?
  15. Does Betsy have to wait another seven years before finding a healthy relationship?
  16. What Kelsey says in Betsy’s chart proves her life will only improve with age.
  17. What being a “Generator” means, and why it doesn’t mean just waiting.
  18. How both Kelsey and Betsy feel about Akashic Records Readings.
  19. How to get your free Human Design chart from Kelsey!
  20. Kelsey explains Betsy’s greatest gift, and it blows her mind!

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Our guest today is Kelsey Abbott. She is an intuitive Human Design and money coach, instigator of joy, podcaster, and hippy-jock triathlete dedicated to helping you welcome more ease, joy, and abundance into your life.