Forgiveness Meditation

The Key to Letting In More Love

Forgiveness Meditation

Opening the heart to forgiveness allows us to live in the present and take control of our life. In this article, you’ll learn how and when to use the Forgiveness Meditation as a powerful tool to help heal some of the deepest wounds. Download the free step-by-step guided meditation and open to forgiveness.

Mind Heart & Gut

Finding Intuition in the Body

Heart Mind & Gut: Finding Intuition in the Body

We have three different centers in our body, each with its own voice and ability to “think.” The mind heart & gut each have their own unique dialect and perspective. Whether or not we’re consciously aware of it, decision making involves awareness of all three of these voices. The challenge is that the three rarely agree with each other.

Is Your Ego or Intuition Speaking?

Stop Drop & Roll for Inner Guidance

Is Your Ego or Intuition Speaking? Stop Drop & Roll for Inner Guidance

Every day we make decisions both large and small. Sometimes it’s obvious which path to take, and other times even after mulling over 1000 different possibilities, we still can’t confidently move forward. What if I told you that with 3 simple steps, you could skip the endless debate and get right to the solution? Put out the ego’s flames with my step-by-step Stop Drop & Roll guided meditation.

Clear & Protect Your Energy

First Step Toward Intuitive Clarity

Clear & Protect: The First Step Toward Intuitive Clarity

When swimming in others’ emotions, it can be difficult to differentiate our own from anyone else’s. In order to tune into inner guidance with clarity, we must first Clear & Protect. In this article, you’ll learn just why, when and how to Clear & Protect, plus you can get a free step-by-step guided meditation.

Turning Blocks Into Blessings

Developing Awareness to Reach Your Goals

woman transforming her confusing distractions into beautiful butterflies

When asked what distractions you encounter when enacting change, you responded with an avalanche of examples. Since this “plague of distractions” is so persistent and tenacious, we’ve decided to explore how to transform these difficult blocks into blessings that will propel us toward our goals.

How to Birth Change

Developing Trust in the Natural Process

How to Birth Change

Creating positive life changes can be easier said than done. All sorts of challenges can arise that easily derail us. In How to Birth Change, we examine the process in which new life comes into being in the natural world and use it as a roadmap to navigate our own process of birthing change.

Song Stuck in Your Head?

It’s a Message From Your Intuition

Song Stuck in Your Head? It's a Message From Your Intuition

Having a song stuck in your head can mean there’s a message waiting from your intuition. It’s like the old “You’ve Got Mail” sound except it’s going to continue to play until you open it up, read it and take action! In this article, we explore how to open up the message and decode the meaning—and how we find the meaning just might surprise you!

Through the Lens of Synchronicity

Let the Universe Be Your Guide

Through the Lens of Synchronicity

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. They’re a connection between something happening outside us and something happening inside us. If we pay attention and catch the subtle signs, we can learn to use these events to receive guidance from the Universe.

Psychic Betsy, Intuitive

With a BA in psychology and more than a decade of experience in social work, Psychic Betsy delivers honest and uplifting messages with the assistance of Spirit and loved ones who have passed.

During a session, Betsy is solution oriented. She uses her understanding of people, relationships, and boundaries developed as a social worker and student of psychology, combined with her intuitive sense of the unseen energetic patterns in your life and relationships to offer practical instructions on how to align with a positive path of growth.

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